Are Your Tech Heroes Really Villains In Disguise?

Are Your Tech Heroes Really Villains In Disguise?

Picture this fire drill: An important application suddenly dies. Your customers get angry. You panic. Time ticks by and the risk of losing business is staring you in the face. You need support to help solve this problem quickly and retain your client’s trust. You call “John” because you trust John to fix the problem.

Does this sound like your organization? If so, what if I told you there’s a high likelihood that John isn’t the hero of this vignette, but instead one of the villains? I’ve seen this scenario play out with dozens of customers. John likely isn’t acting out of malice, but may be an enabler of the problems. The likely culprit: productivity.


The Productivity Problem

Is your ‘go-to’ tech solutions staff member creating fires or preventing them?
Is your ‘go-to’ tech solutions staff member creating fires or preventing them?


5-Step Prescription to Increase Proactivity

Follow these 5 Steps to derail the fire drills before they begin:

Step 1 – Standardize Quality Assurance procedures that involve test cases and executable tests.

Step 2 – Use application profile tools throughout all pre-production stages.

Step 3 – Use monitor tools that provide coverage of both application internals and user experience.

Step 4 – Use release or change management procedures.

Step 5 – Automate controlled deployments whenever possible.


Don’t Let Cost Be the Culprit

In the tech world, a proactive approach to these kinds of fire drill scenarios can save staff time (and money) and most importantly – build trust with your customers.

Again, much like preventative medicine, cost is historically the culprit. In the tech world, this is no longer an acceptable excuse, as the cost of solutions that historically once cost millions are now a simple swipe of the company credit card.

In reality, you pay now or your pay later. Your cost realities are determined by the talent you employ. For example, is John really a solutions superhero? Does he proactively push for improvements, or is he instead content with being the “fixer” who sees fire drills as business as usual. The cost of John’s proactivity (or lack thereof) will quickly become a productivity problem. Be sure you aren’t confusing John as a hero, when he may actually be the villain.


Find a Solutions Partner

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